Yoti to Research Digital Identity Needs of UK Charities

Yoti continues to feed its curiosity, announcing a new research project aimed at exploring the digital identity needs of charities in the United Kingdom.Yoti to Research Digital Identity Needs of UK Charities

The research project carries forward the momentum of Yoti’s recent investigations in Africa and Southeast Asia, which found some compelling potential use cases for Yoti’s facial recognition-driven mobile ID technology, such as identifying infants in healthcare, and preventing fraud and corruption.

In a statement announcing the new research project, Yoti identified key questions that will drive it, including, “How could digital identification help UK charities to more effectively collect information about people using their services?” and, “Could Yoti’s offline identity solution help people to take ownership of their background information and how they share it when accessing multiple, or repeat, services?”

Digital ID needs will vary depending on what a given charity is trying to do, of course, but it’s not hard to imagine some potential use cases from the outset; a homeless shelter in Calgary, for example, recently announced plans to use facial recognition to identify its guests – a means of reliably tracking individuals who often lack official identity documents.

Yoti says its research with UK charities will be carried out by Think Social Tech’s Nissa Ramsay and RnR Organisation’s Pauline Roche.