Yubico Launches New Hardware Key for FIDO2, WebAuthn Standards

The digital security industry got some big news this week with the announcement of the FIDO2 and WebAuthn standards, and Yubico hasn’t skipped a beat, announcing a new version of its YubiKey hardware key designed to support the new standards.Yubico Launches New Hardware Key for FIDO2, WebAuthn Standards

Announced this morning, the FIDO2 and WebAuthn standards are essentially designed to enable FIDO-based authentication directly through web browsers, with Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft all having committed to supporting the functionality in their flagship browsers. As developers take advantage of the WebAuthn API, users will be able to log into a growing number of web accounts via fingerprint scan, facial recognition, or hardware key.

The latter is, of course, Yubico’s bailiwick. And together with its new Security Key by Yubico, the company is also launching the Yubico Developer Program. In a statement announcing the new offerings, Yubico described the latter as “a resource for organizations exploring adoption and implementation of strong authentication for web and mobile applications, using Yubico supported protocols including FIDO U2F, OTP, PIV (Smart Card), OpenPGP, OATH (HOTP/TOTP) and the new FIDO2 Client to Authenticator Protocol (CTAP) specification.” This resource will comprise reference codes, guides, SDKs, webinars, and workshops, Yubico says.

The new Security Key by Yubico, meanwhile, is available now for $20 from Yubico’s online shop. The company will showcase its new device at this year’s RSA Conference, which runs from April 16th to 20th in San Francisco.