Yubico, Okta Promote U2F Standard

Yubico made the case for its YubiKey devices to the enterprise sector this week. The company showcased its solutions at Oktane16, the technology innovation conference hosted by online identity management solutions provider Okta.Yubico, Okta Promote U2F Standard

Okta integrated Yubico’s authentication keys into its Adaptive MFA platform last year, and the company has now enabled FIDO U2F support for its platform. Yubico, of course, is a longtime FIDO ally, and together with Google the company created the U2F standard, so it was a welcome guest at Oktane16. Company representatives discussed how organizations like Google and Dropbox have enabled users to take advantage of U2F authentication with its YubiKey products, USB and NFC devices that essentially add a physical means of authentication when paired up with user devices.

Okta’s support for U2F further builds the momentum around the FIDO Alliance’s authentication standards, which are increasingly being embraced by organizations even when they are not FIDO members or stakeholders. In a statement, Yubico Solutions Engineering VP Jerrod Chong called it “a strong statement for authentication”.