Zwipe Forms Biometric Card Partnership with XH Smart

Zwipe Forms Biometric Card Partnership with XH Smart

Zwipe is teaming up with the Chinese smart card manufacturer XH Smart with an eye towards the release of biometric payment cards. The two companies will collaborate to develop new end-to-end payment solutions, with Zwipe providing advisory services in addition to physical components.

“We are excited to partner with XH Smart and to contribute to their capacity to deliver not just an innovative new product, but a complete experience to their discerning customers,” said Zwipe CEO André Løvestam.

“Biometric payment cards is becoming the new standard in payments and that is why we have partnered with Zwipe,” added XH Smart SVP Eehou Lim.

XH Smart has grown at an astronomical rate since its founding in 2011. The company manufactured 44 million payment cards in 2018, providing solutions for financial institutions and telecom companies in more than 70 different countries.  

Zwipe, meanwhile, is continuing to develop its biometric card portfolio and its foothold in the Chinese market. Earlier this month, the fingerprint specialist announced a partnership with Goldpac. The company has also released a JavaCard operating system for mobile payments and extended its partnership with Infineon in a pair of moves that anticipate the mainstream adoption of biometric payment card technology.