Zwipe Launches Self-Enrollment Solutions for Biometric Cards

Zwipe has announced new white label fingerprint enrollment solutions aimed at enabling financial institutions to easily get their customers registered for biometric payment cards.Zwipe Launches Self-Enrollment Solutions for Biometric Cards

One of the solutions is an at-home enrollment kit designed to be mailed to customers – the solution is thin enough to be mailed in a standard envelope. Once received, a customer can use the kit to enroll their fingerprint in a biometric card right at home, effectively allowing banks to issue new biometric payment cards in much the same way that standard cards are issued today.

Another solution is a white label software application designed to let financial institutions enroll their customers within a bank branch, either through a tablet device or a kiosk. This solution is aimed primarily at financial institutions in Africa and the Middle East, where customers would typically be expected to activate their cards in person at a branch, whereas the at-home enrollment kit is aimed at banks in Europe, North America, and the APAC region.

The enrollment kits can be seen as a response to IDEX, another prominent fingerprint biometrics specialist that has been pioneering biometric payment card technology; IDEX announced a self-enrollment solution designed with Mastercard earlier this year, which it has touted as a major component of its biometric card strategy.

Zwipe says it will showcase its technology at this year’s Fintech Connect Live event, which will be held in London from December 5th to 6th.