Zwipe Survey Finds FinTech Leadership Keen on Biometric Cards

Zwipe Survey Finds FinTech Leadership Keen on Biometric CardsFinancial services industry leaders have a strong appetite for biometric payment cards and are even willing to pay for one, suggest the results of a Zwipe survey at last week’s Fintech Connect event in London.

Eighty percent of respondents said their payments are ‘always’ contactless, with 19 percent saying they make contactless payments ‘sometimes’. More to the point, when asked whether they would want their next bank card to be a biometric one, an overwhelming 92 percent of respondents said ‘yes’.

What’s more, while 31 percent of respondents said they would expect to get such a card for free, the rest indicated that they would be willing to pay at least £10 for such a card, with 26 percent saying they would pay over £15.

Zwipe says it conducted its ‘Wave & Pay Survey‘ with a little over 100 individuals at the event, and the respondents were “delegates representing some of the most important players in the financial services industry”, according to a statement announcing its results, so their attitudes could reflect the influential leadership of the financial services industry. And that offers an indication of the level of enthusiasm in the industry for this emerging technology, with Zwipe being one of multiple fingerprint sensor specialists banking on major, large-scale launches over the coming year or two.