Zwipe Wins American SESAMES Award For Innovation in Identification

The American SESAMES Awards were held yesterday evening in Las Vegas as part of the CARTES America Secure Connexions Event, and Zwipe AS came away a winner.

Nine finalists were announced prior to the security innovation conference, each filling into one of three categories. In the category of Identification, Zwipe was compared to DigitalPersona for its Altus platform and GOTrust Technology’s SDencrypter Lite.

The Zwipe biometric access card is a physical access control solution that offers fingerprint authentication directly on a contactless card. The templates are stored on-card and that’s also where the authentication happens. Once a user positively verifies their ID on the smart card, it activates the positive access signal on an existing card based security system.

This means that Zwipe offers a biometric upgrade to security without the cost of installing and managing new terminals.

“This is another verification of how important it is to have biometrics directly on the card itself,” says Zwipe CEO Kim Humborstad. “When the industry’s leading authorities acknowledge the need for a solution that provides a biometric solution so quickly and efficiently, it gives our prospects the confidence that this is the type of product that their customers want and need.”

Recently, Mobile ID World president Peter O’Neill had a chance to speak with Kim Humborstad about the Zwipe biometric card in a full length interview over at our sister site, findBIOMETRICS. While there, be sure to check out an exclusive video of Humborstad demonstrating the disruptive product at this year’s ISC West.