Zwipe’s New VP of Business Development is a Biometric Cards Expert

New Zwipe VP Brings Biometric Cards ExpertiseA trade journalist who has covered biometric cards extensively is Zwipe‘s new Vice President of Business Development.

Antonio D’Albore is the founder and Editor in Chief of Embedded Security News, and the author of “The Rise of Biometric Cards“, an extensive research report published near the start of this year. He has also held executive positions with Centro Grafico, Matica Technologies, IPM Group, Incard, and Intesi; additionally, D’Albore is “a strategic advisor to several stakeholders in the biometric card industry,” Zwipe said in a statement announcing his appointment.

Explaining his latest role, Zwipe said that in D’Albore’s efforts to build partnerships, he will be “initially focusing on leveraging his extensive network in the Asia Pacific region.”

Elaborating further, Zwipe CEO André Løvestam framed the appointment as a response to growing activity in the emerging biometric cards market, asserting, “every week we are seeing more and more inquiries from the marketplace to work or partner with Zwipe and we are strengthening our company to meet that demand.”

News of D’Albore’s appointment arrives in the same week as Zwipe’s announcement that ten banks in the Middle East had commenced trials of fingerprint-scanning biometric payment cards that feature Zwipe technology.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)