Biometric Software Month: 4 Softwares For mCommerce

Smile To Pay

facial recognitionLet’s start off with payments, since this is the mCommerce subspace most associated with smartphone fingerprint sensors. While Apple and Samsung have hitched their wagons to the rising star of fingerprints, a major rival has taken the route of the selfie. AliPay, the mobile wallet from Alibaba has a biometric software enabled facial recognition feature called Smile To Pay which uses the front facing camera on a user’s phone to authenticate payment transactions.

Running on facial recognition technology from Face++, Smile to Pay has the major benefit shared by other software solutions: it’s brand agnostic. Like the other solutions on this list, Smile To Pay only requires hardware that has long been standard on smartphones, a front facing camera, in order to let mobile online shoppers ditch passwords when they want to pay.

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