5G, Smart Cities, FinTech, and Controversy in This Week’s Top Stories Roundup

Ericsson Adds Two New Offerings to Network Services Portfolio

It’s been another widely varied week in Mobile ID World news, with the most popular stories concerning mobile and smart city infrastructure, FinTech, and some controversy from a major global identity project.

Starting with infrastructure, this week brought the announcement that the US National Telecommunications and Information Administration has called for public comment on 5G security:

US National 5G Security Strategy Open for Public Comment

… and NXP has announced an upgraded MIFARE DESFire solution, allowing its mobile transaction technology to work with a number of different smart city applications:

NXP Releases New MIFARE DESFire to Support Smart City Applications

Moving on to financial services technology, selfie authentication specialist FacePhi got some attention this week with its announcement of a new LATAM support team based in Uruguay. The team should further bolster the quality of service that FacePhi has provided to its growing number of LATAM-based clients in the financial services sector:

FacePhi Establishes New LATAM Support Team in Uruguay

… and readers continued to show a lot of interest in news from last week, when Thales put out a forecast predicting that the COVID-19 pandemic is helping to accelerate interest in contactless payment solutions:

Thales Forecasts Rise of Biometric Payment Cards

Finally, this article roundup’s notable controversy from the world of digital identity concerns the ID2020 Alliance, which saw the resignation of one of the members of its technical advisory committee – and she did not go quietly:

ID2020 Advisor Questions Corporate Interests in Resignation Letter


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