This Week’s Top Stories Focus on Enterprise Security and In-Display Biometrics

This Week's Top Stories Focus on Enterprise Security and In-Display Biometrics

As always, there’s a pretty considerable topical range to this week’s assortment of top stories from Mobile ID World, spanning smartphones, wearables, enterprise IT, and even workplace safety. But this week’s batch of our top five articles also entails two clearly discernible trends…

One is something we see a lot in the contemporary tech scene: Two different companies putting their heads together to deliver enhanced solutions. One of these partnerships is focused primarily on enterprise IT security, seeking to improve authentication in the workplace:

Okta Joins Forces with Secret Double Octopus

Another is aimed at a different kind of security at work, with IBM and ProcessMAP collaborating on a data-driven IoT solution to keep workers physically safe:

ProcessMAP and IBM Boost Workplace Safety with IoT Tech and Analytics

And a third collaboration is aimed at leveraging wearable technology and biometrics for more heavy-duty, defensive security:

SWORD Security Solution Gets a Vuzix Blade

As for the other big trend in this week’s top stories, it’s very much on the consumer side of things: The ongoing emergence of in-display fingerprint sensor technology, exemplified in stories about OnePlus and Touch ID:

Video Shows OnePlus 7 Pro’s In-Display Fingerprint Sensors Gets Spoofed by Some Glue

Touch ID Could Make In-Display Comeback in 2020: Barclays Analysts