NEXT Unveils New Biometric Module with Secure Element from Infineon

Biometrics News - NEXT Unveils New Biometric Module with Secure Element from Infineon

NEXT Biometrics will be unveiling its latest biometric card module at the upcoming Trustech 2019 event in Cannes. The fingerprint sensor is designed specifically for dual interface smart cards, and is built with a Secure Element from Infineon Technologies.

The biometric card module arrives a year after NEXT first announced that it had partnered with Infineon in an effort to develop fingerprint-based reference designs for the smart card market. The new offering has been tested in the ISO/IEC 14443 NFC range, and boasts a more power-efficient design that allows transactions to be processed using only the energy harvested from the terminal itself.

“We have made significant progress over the last 12 months and filed some important IP related to our modules for the smart card sector,” said NEXT Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Alain Faburel. “We look forward to further refining our technology with our partners in the smart card ecosystem.”

NEXT is hoping to encourage the widespread adoption of biometric smart cards through its partnership with Infineon. The company is anticipating massive growth in the smart card market in the next few years, and is hoping to take advantage of that with new technologies like the module that will debut at Trustech.

NEXT recently secured a $100,000 order for its fingerprint sensor modules. The new module will be on display at Trustech stand E044 from November 26 to 28.