AGNITiO to Present at MWC ShowStoppers Event

unsplash_mobileAGNITiO has announced it will be showcasing its newest voice biometrics solution at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It will do so as a presenter in the ShowStoppers event, an invitation-only session for major introductions and demos.

AGNITiO representatives will be showing off the latest version of the KIVOX Mobile 5.0 Voice iD engine, which the company says can authenticate users based on free, natural speech in any language. The most recent iteration, KIVOX Mobile 5.0, proved to be a significant leap forward from the already-impressive KIVOX 4.1 iteration introduced last spring, which pioneered liveness detection for the Voice iD engine. While the company has not yet disclosed details about KIVOX Mobile 5.1, it should offer some significant further advancements if it’s going to be part of the ShowStoppers event.

It’s all good news for mobile clients, in any case. AGNITiO is a founding member of the FIDO Alliance and as such has shown itself to be committed to high security standards in its voice biometric technology. As that kind of technology is increasingly adopted into the expanding Internet of Things, solutions like the KIVOX Mobile 5.0 could prove extremely appealing.