Alexa Can Take Prime Now Orders – from Chips to Cough Syrup, and Even Alcohol

Amazon’s voice-based AI assistant, Alexa, can now place orders through Amazon’s Prime Now shopping service. Just by asking (or demanding), Alexa users can order a range of common household items, which are then delivered free within the next two-hour delivery window.Alexa Can Take Prime Now Orders – from Chips to Cough Syrup, and Even Alcohol

It’s a natural evolution of Amazon’s smart home ecosystem. In 2015, Amazon announced Amazon Dash Buttons – physical, wifi-connected buttons that could be populated around the house to allow common items to be ordered through Amazon Home Services with, of course, the press of a button. Since then, the company’s Alexa AI assistant has become an increasingly prominent fixture of the smart home through devices like the Amazon Echo, allowing users to perform a range of actions, from adjusting lighting to playing music, just by talking to the system.

With Alexa having steadily ‘learned’ new capabilities through upgrades from Amazon and third party developers, including the recently-added ability to place food orders through the Amazon Restaurants service, its new capability of ordering products through Amazon’s Prime Now will come as little surprise. And with Alexa now available through Amazon’s mobile app, this functionality will be within even closer reach for users.

The functionality arrives with a new alcohol ordering capability available to users in Seattle, Cincinnati, and Columbus, Ohio.