Algolux and Mila Form Computer Vision Research Partnership

Algolux and Mila Form Computer Vision Research Partnership

The Montreal computer vision specialist Algolux has formed a research partnership with the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (Mila). The two organizations will work together to develop new technology aimed at improving the safety of autonomous vehicles and the accuracy of video surveillance.

“Breakthroughs in AI and computer vision are fundamental to improving the accuracy and safety of the cars we drive, enabling autonomous vehicles and robots, and increasing security,” said Mila Founder and Scientific Director Yoshua Bengio. “We’re excited by the innovation that will result from this partnership.”

“We look forward to working with Professor Bengio and the broader Mila research community to develop new deep learning methods that push today’s computer vision capabilities to the next level of performance,” added Algolux Co-Founder and CTO Felix Heide.

Algolux was founded in 2013, and landed $12.84 million CAD in a round of series-A funding in 2018. Mila, meanwhile, was founded in 1993 as an alliance between several Québec universities, and has since become a hotbed of corporate innovation. Samsung and Nuance Communications have both opened Mila labs in the past few months, while Mila itself recently began operating a $250 million fund for businesses in Québec.

Algolux is not the only computer vision startup currently making waves in Montreal. Airy3D brought in $10 million in its own series-A funding round just over a year ago.  

Source: Betakit