All Major Browsers Now Offer FIDO2 Support

All Major Browsers Now Offer FIDO2 Support

All of the major web browsers now offer FIDO2 support in some form, the FIDO Alliance has announced. The big news comes from a somewhat unlikely ally, with Apple having just launched a new preview version of its Safari browser that features FIDO2 support.

Apple is notorious for not playing well with others and rigidly controlling the borders of its device and software ecosystem, so the company was quiet when the FIDO Alliance first announced its new authentication standard earlier this year, which supports web-based authentication using biometrics or security keys. But Apple is also a notable pioneer of biometric authentication, and has a strong focus on security in general, so it is perhaps no great surprise to find that the company has embraced FIDO2 authentication for its browser.

Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla, meanwhile, all announced that they would integrate FIDO2 support into their browsers from the beginning, and have delivered in the ensuing months.

In announcing the latest browser support, the FIDO Alliance also highlighted growth in FIDO2 support among vendor partners, with a number of companies having recently attained certification, including Aerendir Mobile, Capy Japan, DreamSecurity, Hancom Secure, Hyper Blockchain System, Irisys, NXP Semiconductors, Octatco, Penta Security Systems, SSenStone, Uni-ID, and Vancosys Data Security. The Mobile network operators KDDI and SK Telecom also recently attained certification, while the Line messaging platform attained Universal Server Certification.

This is all good news for these companies’ end users, and should help to further popularize strong, post-password authentication security.