Amazon Alexa Comes to Huami’s Amazfit Verge Smartwatch

Amazon Alexa Comes to Huami's Amazfit Verge Smartwatch

Huami has upgraded the Amazfit Verge smartwatch with the full integration of Amazon Alexa. Users of the wearable device will now be able to talk to the hand to get news, sports, and weather updates, and to perform a slew of basic clerical functions. 

“Alexa has become a natural part of our daily routines in the home and we want to give customers the ability to take it with them,” said Huami Marketing Director Elaine Huo. “Users can ask Alexa to set a timer, remind us to pick up avocados at the grocery store, and more.”

Other features include iOS calling and translation services in more than 50 languages, all of which makes the Amazfit Verge seem like a piece of tech that belongs in a spy movie rather than the real world. The new smartwatch is nevertheless quite real, and retails for $159.99.

“Like Alexa, we believe the Amazfit Verge is non-intrusive but indispensable,” continued Huo. “As a company, we are obsessed with finding the perfect balance between form and functionality to make busy days smoother and more productive.”

The Amazfit Verge recently received the 2019 Red Dot Award for Product Design, a distinction that validates Huami’s efforts to make the wearable device as sleek as possible. The smartwatch marks the latest third-party integration of Alexa since Amazon released the SDK to developers back in November, and demonstrates why Amazon was so eager to get the voice recognition into other people’s hands.