Amazon Joins FIDO Board of Directors

“We look forward to the valuable inputs from Amazon as the FIDO Alliance continues to work towards our goal to provide open standards that will help enable the seamless and secure ecommerce experiences that consumers are coming to expect and demand.” – Brett McDowell, Executive Director, FIDO Alliance

One of the biggest companies in the world has joined the FIDO Alliance board of directors.

Amazon Joins FIDO Board of DirectorsIn a statement announcing Amazon’s new membership on the board on FIDO’s website, the company’s Head of Industry Security Engagement, Sean Estrada, explained that “Amazon’s mission is to be Earth’s most customer-centric company,” and as such, “Customer trust has always been at the center of every decision we make, especially in securing customer information.”

Improving that kind of security is, of course, FIDO’s mission, with the consortium seeking to establish and promote strong digital authentication standards like its UAF and U2F specifications. In pursuing that objective, the Alliance has sought input from players big and small in the digital space, but having a company as big as Amazon on board should offer a considerable opportunity for the organization to further spread its gospel.

Writing on behalf of the FIDO Alliance, Executive Director Brett McDowell stressed the importance of having “the companies that define the digital economy – including major technology, financial services and ecommerce leaders – on the FIDO Alliance board of directors,” adding later, “We look We look forward to the valuable inputs from Amazon” as the FIDO Alliance continues its work.

News of Amazon’s membership on the FIDO board arrives soon after the consortium announced FIDO UAF 1.1, the latest version of its Universal Authentication Framework.