AMC Health Provides Hospitals with Home Monitoring Kits for Patients

AMC Health Provides Hospitals with Home Monitoring Kits to Help Manage Patient Intake

AMC Health is working with hospitals to help manage the number of patients in emergency departments. To that end, the company will be outfitting hospitals with telehealth services and home monitoring kits to help doctors provide better care to remote patients. 

The new measures are being taken up in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, which could put a severe strain on the medical system. Many hospitals simply do not have enough space for the expected influx of patients, so some people will need to be turned away at the doors and others may be discharged early to free up space for other patients. Keeping tabs on those discharged patients is vital because they may need to be readmitted if their symptoms flare.

The home monitoring kits can be used right out of the box, and can be distributed through the hospital or sent directly to a patient’s home address. They come with Bluetooth thermometers, pulse oximeters, and other devices that will allow patients to measure their own vital signs, though the Bluetooth devices do not need to be paired in order to function. Once received, the kits will automatically deliver surveys for a period of 30 days, allowing patients to self-report their symptoms. Doctors, meanwhile, will receive alerts and have access to that data (and patient biometrics) through the cloud.

AMC also operates a national nurse call center, and offers a multilingual telephonic interactive voice response (IVR) solution to help screen and educate potential patients.

“AMC’s remote patient monitoring was designed to mitigate overtaxed resources and fill the gap in care. Whether patients are discharged prematurely or left alone to care for themselves, our solutions enable us to step up and care for those who desperately need it at home,” said AMC Health CEO Nesim Bildirici.

AMC is not the first company to highlight the utility of remote patient monitoring systems during the COVID-19 outbreak. ViTel Net has noted that remote systems can be an effective way to reach patients in quarantine, while BioIntelliSense has announced that its new BioSticker can monitor the primary symptoms of the coronavirus.