AMREL to Woo Insurers with Tough Tablet

A couple of weeks ago AMREL launched its APEX AH53 mobile device.

A couple of weeks ago AMREL launched its APEX AH53 mobile device.

Rugged electronics developer AMREL has announced that it’s going to be showing off its new Android Tablet at the PLRB 2015 Claims & Insurance Conference.

In a statement, AMREL’s Director of Product Marketing, Linda Talcott, explained that it wasn’t just insurers’ love of a safe bet that made the company decide to attend the conference: “AMREL is developing mobile computer solutions specifically for the insurance industry,” she said, and the company’s managers “thought the conference would be a good place to showcase our new Android tablet, and get feedback about the industry’s requirements.”

The new tablet is designed with durability in mind, of course, but the company also relied on aeronautic engineering methods in its development. Talcott explained that while airplanes need to be designed to “work in hostile environments and withstand shock, vibration, as well as extreme temperatures,” they must also be “sensitive to issues of weight.” By embracing these design principles, AMREL was thus able to create a lightweight yet durable tablet.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that AMREL launched its APEX AH53 mobile device. In a market growing both increasingly crowded and homogenous, with the top premium smartphones having reached “feature parity”, AMREL’s focus on ruggedness is a key strategy to stand out. Moreover, with the company’s strategic targeting of the defense, industrial, healthcare, and public safety markets, it appears to have a pretty good shot at stoking interest in its newest devices.