MWC 2015: Samsung S6 has the Curves, Plays the Angles

Galaxy S6Samsung has made a splash with its new Galaxy S6 smartphone, reports Matt Kwong in an article for CBC News. Unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the mobile device is getting some extra attention for its unique curved screen, which overflows from the phone’s face onto two of its sides.

The company revealed the phone along with with its new Samsung Pay mobile payment service; both of which will bring the company into direct competition with its major rival, Apple, whose iPhone sales have been eating away at Samsung’s market share even on its home turf, while its Apple Pay has been garnering credibility and is poised to compete vigorously in the opening Chinese mCommerce market. Matt Kwong, reporting on the phone for for CBC News, quotes a DN Capital tech expert as stating that the S6 has “reached feature parity” with the iPhone, adding that Samsung Pay (via its LoopPay technology) will be compatible with traditional swipe card readers, which could give it an edge over Apple Pay with its requirement of NFC technology at the POS.

With comparable feature sets and support for a mobile payment platform that could prove very popular, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 might just win consumers over with its fancy curved screen design. In any case, it’s a bold move that clearly indicates the company’s willingness to step outside of its comfort zone in trying to regain ground in its war with Apple. Whether the forthcoming Apple Watch will mix up the game plan for Samsung is anyone’s guess, but the company is clearly committing to the fight.