AMREL’s BioFlex S Turns Samsung Smartphones into Rugged Biometric Devices

AMREL's BioFlex S Turns Samsung Smartphones into Rugged Biometric Devices

AMREL has launched a new smartphone module that can turn an ordinary Samsung smartphone into a rugged biometric device. Dubbed the BioFlex S, the new solution combines a rugged AMREL case with the BioMini Slim 2 fingerprint scanner from Suprema ID, and is designed primarily for use in law enforcement.

“We have created a versatile, lightweight, mobile ID FAP 20 biometric solution,” said AMREL Operations VP Kalvin Chen. “Special measures have been taken to serve the Security and Public Safety communities.”

While many smartphones come with basic biometric features, consumer technology is generally considered not strong enough to withstand risk-heavy applications. The AMREL module will boost the strength and durability of a standard Samsung smartphone, allowing law enforcement professionals to use their own devices for more rigorous tasks while in the field.

The BioFlex S is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S7, and will soon be compatible with the S8. The lightweight, one-handed solution allows users to slide the Suprema fingerprint module into AMREL’s rugged case to facilitate FAP 20 fingerprint capture without the need for two separate devices.

Suprema’s fingerprint tech has previously been used in rugged tablets from BioRugged, while AMREL is known for a range of durable mobile devices, including tablets and handhelds. BioFlex S comes with an SDK for developers, and can capture FBI-certified fingerprint images in a variety of adverse conditions.