AppHawk Offers Enterprise-Level Security for Employees’ Mobile Devices

Smartphone 1Mobile security specialist Marble Security has released a new platform that can help protect businesses against the security threats associated with BYOD culture. Called AppHawk, the system analyzes employees’ apps and their activity to determine which ones are placing the organization’s data security at risk.

AppHawk runs on a engine using a database of over 3 million analyzed apps, with each one assessed against over a thousand dangerous behaviors. When the system scans an employee’s device and finds a dangerous app, it sends an alert to the user to remove it. If the employee doesn’t remove the app, AppHawk then quarantines the device, cutting it off from any corporate connections. Employers and managers are able to use AppHawk’s digital dashboard to assess such vulnerabilities throughout the organization, set security thresholds, block specific apps, and otherwise manage the security apparatus of their BYOD ecosystem.

It’s a solution that could be very appealing to a number of employers as more and more organizations embrace BYOD cultures with their staff, and more still issue their own mobile devices to employees to improve productivity and connectivity. The security vulnerabilities of mobile devices are a real concern, especially in cases where employees use their smartphones for both work and play – indeed, Marble Security is keen to promote its own reports on mobile security threats. While there are some hardware solutions such as Precise Biometrics’ Tactivo readers, a software-based solution offering enterprise-wide management to employers will likely be of interest to a growing number of organizations.