Apple Reportedly Preparing Apple Pay For Mobile Websites

Rumor has it that Apple is preparing to bring its mPayment platform to mobile websites.

Apple Reportedly Preparing Apple Pay Of Mobile WebsitesWhile Apple Pay started as a mobile payment platform allowing contactless transactions in stores via users’ iPhones (and now through Apple Watches), it later enabled in-app purchases with partner merchants. Now, the idea is to bring it to mobile websites, with a function that would allow users to confirm purchases via fingerprint scan. Apple has reportedly been shopping the idea around to potential partners, aiming to launch such services in time for this year’s holiday shopping season.

As Re/code points out, this move would bring Apple into more direct competition against PayPal, the brand that currently dominates web-based payment alternatives. But it appears that this would be just one front in a much larger battle, with PayPal having taken aim at Apple in the world of mPayments, and at the traditional payments sector more broadly.

An announcement about this development is expected at Apple’s WWDC software developer conference, though neither that nor the existence of these plans have been officially confirmed.

Sources: Re/code, AppleInsider