Properly Advertized, Apple Pay Could Boost Revenues: USAT

USA Technologies (USAT), a POS solutions provider for the self-service retail market, has announced some interesting findings from an internal study on Apple Pay. Its results suggest that, when available with digital marketing, the mPayment platform can actually boost sales for vendors.

Properly Advertized, Apple Pay Could Boost Revenues: USATUSAT currently supports Apple Pay transactions at over 300,000 self-service POS terminals in applications ranging from vending machines to parking meters, and its management team recently decided to see how digital advertising on the company’s NFC-enabled ePort Interactive touchscreen POS terminals could influence the use of Apple Pay. Five different marketing messages were deployed on 35 of those machines in New York City and Lafayette, Louisiana, to test the idea out.

Ultimately, USAT says it found that the deployments led to a 26 percent increase in transactions and a 22 percent increase in revenues. They also produced an 89 percent increase in revenues from contactless transactions.

The figures suggest a considerable appetite for mPayments among everyday iPhone users, and may point to increasing consumer adoption of the technology. In any case, USAT aims to further explore the matter, with more studies planned for other cities over the coming months.