Yann Delabrière Named Chairman of IDEMIA’s Supervisory Board

Yann Delabrière has been named Chairman of IDEMIA’s Supervisory Board, a promotion from his previous role as Vice-Chairman. Delabrière replaces Marwan Lahoud, who now takes the role of Vice-Chairman.Yann Delabrière Named Chairman of IDEMIA's Supervisory Board

In a statement, IDEMIA did not offer a reason for the leadership change, but it did highlight Delabrière’s concurrent role as the Chairman of Zodiac Aerospace’s Management Board, and his former role as CEO of Faurecia. With the latter being a automotive equipment supplier, the shift may signal a growing interest on IDEMIA’s part in the automotive sector, which is increasingly being infused with the kind of IT identity solutions that IDEMIA offers.

Offering his own commentary on the change, Delabrière said he is “very pleased to continue the work” initiated by Lahoud and other leaders since IDEMIA’s formation from the merger of Safran Identity and Security and Oberthur Technologies last year. Delabrière also expressed confidence in the talents and skill of the current leadership team as it seeks to deliver on CEO Dider Lamouche’s strategic vision.

The announcement comes soon after multiple other high-level leadership changes at IDEMIA made near the start of the year, including the addition of two new members to IDEMIA’s Executive Committee and a couple of internal promotions of senior executives.