Apple Reportedly Tapping Breaks on Project Titan

Apple Reportedly Tapping Breaks on Project TitanApple is slowing down its car project, according to new reports.

Codenamed “Titan”, the project is thought to revolve around the development of its own electric car, with a team numbering around 1000. While Apple hasn’t offered any official confirmation of such a project, early last year an electric car battery developer launched a lawsuit against the company over alleged employee poaching, and later reports emerged that Apple staff were attempting to book time at a vehicle testing facility, and that Apple legal representatives were in discussions with the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Now, though, reports have emerged that an important engineer associated with the project has left the company, while a major overseer has expressed concern over the project’s presumably slow pace, and a hiring freeze has reportedly been implemented.

Of course, none of this has yet been confirmed officially, nor will it be anytime soon. And while the tone of the news leaking out of Apple sounds negative right now, car makers are increasingly interested in connected technology and the emerging smart car concept, which means Apple should still have a strong interest in continuing to explore this area.

Sources: AppleInsider, CNBC