MWC Barcelona: BIO-key’s Jim Sullivan on the Public Perception of Fingerprint Biometrics [Audio]

MWC 2019: BIO-key's Jim Sullivan on the Rise of Passwordless Authentication [Audio]
Jim Sullivan, SVP Strategy and Business Development, BIO-key, showing Mobile ID World the Windows Hello compatible EcoID fingerprint reader.

Mobile ID World is reporting live from Barcelona this week, bringing you the most important biometrics and identity news straight out of Mobile World Congress 2019. This year, thanks to the high profile launch of Samsung’s in-display fingerprint biometrics on its new Galaxy S10 flagship smartphone, fingerprint recognition is enjoying the spotlight at this year’s show, and that’s a good thing for leading vendors like BIO-key International.

Speaking to Mobile ID World’s own Susan Stover, Jim Sullivan, SVP Strategy and Business Development, BIO-key, discussed the impact he believes Samsung’s biometric announcement will have on the public perception of the fingerprint modality. He goes on to detail BIO-key’s exceptional start to the year, as the cultural push towards passwordless authentication has boosted interest in his company’s enterprise and consumer solutions. Finally, the interview concludes with a preview of what BIO-key has in store for the near future, notably: an upcoming SAML product line launch, and IoT authentication technologies in the pipeline.

Listen to our full interview with Jim Sullivan, SVP, Strategy and Business Development, BIO-key:

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