Apple Highlights Hi-Res Video, Biometrics in New iPhone Ads

Apple is highlighting its iPhone 6S smartphones’ video and biometric capabilities in a pair of new ads.

Apple Highlights Hi-Res Video, Biometrics in New iPhone AdsA minute-long ad tells a fictional story of how a young girl’s short video of her mother chopping onions becomes a major award winner. While it’s tongue-in-cheek premise, it allows the ad to emphasize a very real quality of the smartphone: Its 4K camera.

Meanwhile, a 30-second ad narrated by Parks and Recreation’s Rashida Jones explains how the Touch ID fingerprint scanner system can be used to conveniently verify a range of transactions; Apple Pay mPayment purchases are highlighted, of course, but it also moves onto more obscure examples such as document signature. As more of Apple’s competitors leverage biometric authentication technology in their own products, the company is clearly trying to establish itself as a leader in this area, showing how its pioneering Touch ID system can be used for a wide range of purposes beyond simply unlocking one’s smartphone.

And, as AppleInsider points out, while these new ads feature Apple’s iPhone 6S smartphone, 4K video and Touch ID (albeit first generation Touch ID) are also available on the iPhone SE, Apple’s newer, lower-price smartphone.

Source: AppleInsider