Apple Watch to Dominate Smartwatch Market in 2015: Tractica

Apple Watch to Dominate Smartwatch Market in 2015: TracticaThe Apple Watch is poised to end the year as the biggest smartwatch in the world, according to market research firm Tractica. In a recent statement, the company asserted that the Apple Watch will take 68 percent of total global smartwatch market share by the end of 2015.

That market share will reflect 16.7 million of the 24.4 million smartwatches that Tractica expects will be sold this year. It’s an encouraging forecast for the nascent market, given the continuing debate over whether the Apple Watch is in fact a market success – debate that is fueled to some extent by Apple’s own reticence on the subject, particularly with respect to hard sales numbers.

Given that most agree that, however economically successful the device has been, the Apple Watch really is the most popular smartwatch to ever hit the market – in the sense that its popularity is unmatched by other smartwatches, of which there is a dearth of notable brands – the number might actually appear conservative to some.

Part of the reason may be what’s in the pipeline. Samsung’s Apple Watch rival, the Samsung Gear S2, should hit the market this fall, and could prove to be a major competitor agains the Apple Watch, especially if the latter has managed to stoke consumer excitement beyond Apple’s sphere of dedicated consumers. That result would both boost overall smartwatch sales while reducing the Apple Watch’s market share.

Whatever the case, Tractica has proven particularly enthusiastic in the world of wearables; having predicted a boom in the market earlier this year, the firm proceeded to launch its own advisory service for businesses looking to navigate the field.