AU10TIX is the Latest Member of the FIDO Alliance

Biometrics News - AU10TIX is the Latest Member of the FIDO Alliance

AU10TIX has become the latest member of the FIDO Alliance. The authentication startup believes that FIDO membership will give it a greater voice on the international stage, especially as the FIDO Alliance continues to advocate for passwordless security and identity solutions.

“Providing safer and compliant solutions requires us to be at the forefront of global and local regulation while shaping future policies,” said AU10TIX President and COO Carey Kolaja. “By joining the FIDO Alliance, we will work alongside industry leaders to influence the development of standards that will create a more inclusive and secure world.”

AU10TIX’s technology is ISO/IEC certified and meets the latest SOC, CCPA, and GDPR standards.

“AU10TIX brings unique expertise and knowledge that will prove valuable to our growing member network,” added FIDO Alliance Executive Director and COO Christina Hulka. “We look forward to their contributions and perspective as we aim to strengthen identity verification processes and change the nature of authentication.”

For AU10TIX, the news builds on a string of successes over the course of the past few months. TPG took a $60 million stake in the company back in July, and AU10TIX has since added an additional $20 million in venture capital funding. The company is known for its onboarding solution, which features document reading and facial recognition technologies, and counts Zengaming and Aspire Global amongst its current clientele.