New EdgeVerse Brand Consolidates NXP’s Edge Computing Portfolio

New EdgeVerse Brand Consolidates NXP's Portfolio

NXP has consolidated its entire edge computing portfolio under a single brand heading. The new EdgeVerse platform includes the company’s full range of embedded processing solutions, as well as the EdgeLock security suite with the new EdgeLock SE050 Plug & Trust Secure Element.

According to NXP, the move will make it easier for potential customers to navigate their portfolio and select an appropriate solution, especially as the ever-expanding Internet of Things continues to drive demand for Edge computing technology. The company’s Edge processors can be embedded on any IoT device, allowing that device to both generate and analyze data.

That technology reduces latency and increases privacy because data no longer needs to be sent somewhere else before being processed. It has a wide range of applications in automotive, industrial, and consumer IoT products.

For those not as well versed in this kind of technology, NXP has also created a simple numbering scheme to communicate what security features are available in its various EdgeLock products. The full EdgeVerse brand includes a host of other NXP products, such as the eIQ machine learning toolkit and the EdgeScale management platform. The company itself has been pursuing IoT technology for several years, and opened a new industrial IoT research lab in November.