autonomous_ID Announced New Senior Advisor

“I think that autonomous_ID has a technology platform that is perfectly timed and will truly transform how ‘the me’ interacts with connected things.” -Daniel Tu, Executive Advisor to the Chairman, autonimous_ID

autonomous_ID Announced New Senior Advisor

Biometric wellness and identification specialist autonomous_ID has a new expert on hand to advise senior management: Daniel Tu, the former group chief innovation officer of Chinese insurance firm Ping An, is now the executive advisor to the chairman of autonomous_ID, Todd Gray.

Ping An is notable for its early interest in biometric technology as an insurance company, and in a statement announcing Daniel Tu’s appointment, autonomous_ID emphasized both his business leadership and his involvement in its technological innovation. “He forged strategic partnerships, identified new business opportunities, oversaw relationships with key global research institutions, and supervised PA Ventures, Ping An’s venture-capital arm,” the statement said. “In addition, he co-led Ping An’s artificial-intelligence and blockchain initiatives.”

For his part, in commenting on his appointment Tu lauded the company for its “incredibly talented team with impeccable technical and business pedigree under one roof,” adding, “They have shown outstanding progress with transformational technology in biometrics ID, sensors and autonomous systems.”

autonomous_ID’s flagship product is the BIO_SOLE, a biometric sole for shoes that is designed to use biometric sensors to monitor a user’s health. autonomous_ID has stressed the range of applications for this technology, and says that Daniel Tu will focus on areas including mobile wellness monitoring, insurance, and “connected living” in advising the company’s chairman.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)