Bell Canada Partners with Ericsson to Build Nationwide 5G Network

Ericsson will be providing the Radio Access Network (RAN) technology for Bell Canada’s commercial 5G network.

Bell Canada Partners with Ericsson to Build Nationwide 5G Network

The two companies previously collaborated on a 4G LTE network. Bell Canada will eventually offer nationwide 5G coverage, and is hoping to increase its footprint when the Canadian government auctions off the 3.5 GHz spectrum later in the year.

“Ericsson plays an important role in enabling Bell’s LTE network and we’re pleased to grow our partnership into 5G mobile and fixed wireless technology,” said Bell Canada Chief Technology Officer Stephen Howe. “5G will enable next-generation applications like mobile 4K video, connected vehicles and industrial IoT automation on a massive scale, and our plan is to deliver the benefits of 5G to cities and rural locations alike.”

Ericsson, meanwhile, has already secured 93 commercial 5G contracts, and is now operating 40 5G networks in 22 different countries. The company only had 86 commercial agreements and 27 live 5G networks at the time of Ericsson’s Annual General Meeting in early April, where CEO Börje Ekholm emphasized the success of the company’s 5G portfolio.

The fact that those numbers have gone up so dramatically in only a few weeks speaks to the rapid expansion of 5G technology. Ericsson has announced plans to bring 5G networks to France, Norway, and Hong Kong since the beginning of the year.