Volopa Leverages Onfido Tech for Customer Onboarding

Volopa Leverages Onfido Tech for Customer OnboardingVolopa has become the latest FinTech company to take advantage of Onfido‘s biometric and document reading technology for customer onboarding.

Based in London, Volopa is the operator of multiple white label prepaid card programs in the European Economic Area, and also offers money transfer services through its platform. As such, it’s very much in line with another new Onfido client announced last month – TransferGo, a London-based remittance services provider.

For its part, Volopa is leveraging Onfido’s solution, which combines mobile facial recognition with document reading technology, to enable a faster signup process for end customers. Volopa’s platform allows end customers to manage their cards their mobile and web apps; thanks to its collaboration with Onfido, these customers can now register their cards in under five minutes, the companies say.

It’s a reflection of a larger trend sweeping the financial services world, with various firms increasingly embracing the multiple solutions now available to enable rapid, automated customer onboarding and authentication on mobile devices via facial recognition and document reading software.

In a statement announcing the collaboration, Volopa Director Jay Wissema said his firm “looked at a number of providers in order to securely scale up its customer onboarding capabilities and decided on Onfido based on their cutting-edge technology and experience in the fintech sector.”