Zwipe Teams Up with Another Hong Kong Card Manufacturer

Zwipe is continuing to make inroads in the Asian market. The company has formed a partnership with Hong Kong’s Asia Credit Card (ACC) to develop a full portfolio of biometric payment services and products.

Zwipe Teams Up with Another Hong Kong Card Manufacturer

The partnership will focus primarily on biometric payment cards. Zwipe is planning to launch its Pay ONE platform later this year, and ACC has already started integrating the company’s biometric inlay in anticipation of that event. However, the full scope of the partnership extends beyond physical cards, and also covers wearables devices and customer onboarding solutions.  

“We believe that biometric payment cards are the future and there is a strong market for payment cards in the fast-moving Asia Pacific region even in the face of surging smartphone use,” said ACC Managing Director Gary Li. “We are confident that we will have a truly disruptive offering that will enable us to grow our banking customer base in the region.”

Zwipe’s Pay ONE platform delivers the software and operating system needed for a single-chip secure element solution. The company recently integrated fingerprint sensors from IDEX Biometrics to provide customers with a more comprehensive authentication offering, and to encourage the adoption of biometric payment cards. To that end, both companies are currently participating in a payment card pilot with IDEMIA.

ACC, meanwhile, is Zwipe’s second major card manufacturing partner in Hong Kong. The company announced a similar biometric card partnership with Toppan Forms Card Technologies earlier in the month.