BioIntelliSense Unveils Disposable BioButton to Track Patient Symptoms

BioIntelliSense Unveils Disposable BioButton to Track Patient Symptoms

BioIntelliSense is continuing to expand its portfolio of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) products with the launch of the new BioButton. The BioButton is a disposable body sensor roughly the size of a coin that can be used to monitor vital signs like temperature, heart rate, and respiration.

While the BioButton is disposable, it is rugged enough to last for a full 90-day period. That essentially makes it a smaller, temporary alternative to the company’s BioSticker, which received FDA clearance back in January.

BioIntelliSense argued that the BioButton will be particularly useful as economies start to reopen in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The device gathers patient data in real-time, and can serve as an early warning system if it spots symptoms associated with the disease. That, in turn, will allow medical professionals to respond to an infection more quickly.

“The BioButton represents a significant advancement in making continuous medical-grade monitoring reliable, effortless and cost-effective,” said BioIntelliSense CEO James Mault. “The convenience of the BioButton will support a range of clinical use cases for RPM reimbursement and mass market use to enable safe return to work or school.”

The BioButton is designed to be used alongside BioIntelliSense’s BioMobile applications, which can analyze the collected data. It arrives shortly after the company upgraded its Data-as-a-Service platform to better track the symptoms of sick patients, and after it released a 5G BioHub to help consolidate that information.