BioMatch Mobile Powers New Brand’s Smartphone Sensor

BioMatch Mobile Powers New Brand's Smartphone SensorA major new smartphone brand has chosen Precise Biometrics technology for its debut smartphone. The company’s Precise BioMatch Mobile algorithm is powering the fingerprint sensor in ZUK’s new Z1 mobile device.

The Lenovo-owned company’s new mid-range smartphone will soon hit the market in China, and while its fingerprint sensor is currently included as a general user security measure, it could prove increasingly important with the rise of multiple mPayment platforms later this year. In any case, it’s a high-profile integration with what could prove to be a major new brand, and helps to solidify Precise Biometrics’ strong position in the market – particularly with respect to OEMs in the Asia region, where the company’s technology has proven popular. In a statement, Precise Biometrics CEO Håkan Persson asserted that the integration “strengthens our position as the leading supplier of high performance software for fingerprint authentication in mobile devices.”

The company has seen a number of high-profile integrations over the last several weeks, most recently with Huawei’s MaiMang 4 and the new OnePlus 2 smartphone. In all these cases, the software was integrated via the fingerprint sensors made by partner company FPC, which has been Precise Biometrics’ steady ally in its efforts in the region.

Source: GSM Arena