Precise Biometrics Tech Powers “Lightning Quick” Sensor

Precise Biometrics Tech Powers "Lightning Quick" SensorPrecise Biometrics technology is driving the fingerprint sensor technology of another major smartphone, the company has announced. In a statement, the company asserted that its Precise BioMatch Mobile system has been implemented via an FPC sensor in a smartphone from an unnamed Chinese manufacturer.

The announcement presumably refers to the OnePlus 2, a device announced today that features an FPC1150 fingerprint sensor. OnePlus, the smartphone’s maker, has been emphatic about the device’s “lightning quick” sensor, which it says is faster than the Touch ID system found on the iPhone. Given that OnePlus has made this into a major selling point of the device, it reflects well on the quality of Precise Biometrics’ technology, which earlier this year received recognition from Frost & Sullivan via the growth consultancy’s 2015 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Leadership. In a statement, Precise Biometrics CEO Håkan Persson said the integration “further strengthens our position as a leading supplier of high performance software for fingerprint authentication.”

It is indeed a major supplier, particularly for mobile devices from Asia-based manufacturers. Just a few weeks ago, for example, it was announced that new smartphones from both Meizu and Huawei would feature fingerprint sensors based on Precise Biometrics’ technology. The company looks poised to continue this successful line of business with its partner FPC, which makes the sensors using Precise Biometrics’ algorithms.