FPC Tech Built In To Elife E8, China-Made Smartphone

FPC Tech Built In To Another China-Made SmartphoneChina-based smartphone manufacturer Gionee has integrated biometric technology from FPC into its new handset. Called the Elife E8, the device uses the FPC1021 touch fingerprint sensor.

It’s the continuation of a previously established partnership between the two companies. In 2014 Gionee launched its Gionee T1 smartphone with an FPC swipe sensor built in; now, its newest device is benefitting from a touch-based sensor supporting 360-degree finger rotation scanning and 3D image capabilities.

In a statement, FPC CEO Jörgen Lantto called Gionee “a leading smartphone manufacturer in China” and expressed pride at the integration. The value of Gionee’s order has been incorporated into FPC’s revenue guidance of over 1500 MSEK for the year.

The company has seen a number of these kinds of integrations lately. Last month, its fingerprint sensors were embedded in the Oppo R7 Plus and the Yulong Coolpad Tiptop Pro mobile devices – both products of China-based developers. While FPC has clearly made a name for itself in that region’s market, a recent collaboration with Google on the development of the Android M OS’s native fingerprint sensor capabilities should also help to bolster FPC’s profile on a more global scale.