OnePlus Two to Feature Lightning Quick Fingerprint Scanner

The OnePlus One (pictured) was sold through an invite-only model.

The OnePlus One (pictured) was sold through an invite-only model.

Smartphone developer OnePlus has officially announced that its next flagship device, the OnePlus Two, will have a fingerprint sensor, and that the “lightning quick” technology will be “faster than TouchID,” according to its website. It’s a confirmation of rumours that were already swirling at the end of March.

The company is stressing the speed and convenience of the sensor, which will allow users to quickly unlock their devices. In making the announcement, OnePlus asserted that on average users check their phones “over 2oo times per day,” adding, “If you spend just three seconds inputting a PIN number or pattern, that’s over an hour of your time gone each week.” Having a biometric system in place dramatically cuts that down.

Of course, it isn’t clear exactly how much faster OnePlus Two’s system is compared to Apple’s Touch ID system, which itself has not faced much criticism over how long its fingerprint scanning process takes. And ultimately, high-end smartphones are not competing on how quickly their fingerprint scans take; they’re all pretty fast, and quickly becoming standard. At this point it would be strange if the OnePlus Two didn’t feature some kind of biometric authentication system, especially given that it’s going to run on Android, and the new Android M OS will feature native fingerprint scanning capabilities to support authentication for Android Pay and other apps.

Still, it’s commendable that OnePlus is aiming for speed in its system, and it also helps that each OnePlus Two will allow users to save up to five distinct fingerprint profiles, allowing multiple individuals to use one device for authentication.