Biometric Bike Lock Subject of Crowdfunding Campaign

Fingerprint LockA pair of engineers based in San Francisco have designed a biometric bike lock and are currently raising funds for its production on Kickstarter.

Called Grasp, the device is pretty much what it sounds like. Adhering to the U shape common to many commercial bike locks, the one developed by Sarb Singh and Samson Berhane stands out in a big way with its use of a built-in thumbprint scanner for unlocking. When an authorized user’s thumb is scanned, an embedded LED light turns green and the device unlocks; when an unauthorized user tries to get access, the LED turns red and the device stays unlocked.

It’s an ingenious idea building upon an already commonplace concept – biometric access control. In that area, too, inventors have set up Kickstarter campaigns to fund the development of similar products like a commercial biometric door lock; Singh and Berhane’s idea just shifts the concept into bike locks.

Speaking to Dezeen Magazine, the duo explained that they were trying to come up with a more convenient bike lock system that didn’t require keys – an idea that will likely appeal to many cyclists. Their Kickstarter campaign‘s current goal is to raise $75,000 for device production.

Source: Dezeen Magazine


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