Biometric Security Token Features Fingerprint Cards Tech

Biometric Security Token Features Fingerprint Cards Tech

Feitian is launching a new biometric security token featuring Fingerprint Cards technology. The token is called the AllinPass K33, and will be compliant with the FIDO2 standard.

The token boasts of Bluetooth and NFC capabilities, which will allow it to communicate with mobile devices and PCs. That, in turn, will enable secure, biometric authentication, allowing users to sign into their various accounts with a fingerprint scan rather than a password.

The AllinPass K33 is the latest product to emerge from the evolving partnership between Fingerprint Cards and Feitian. The two companies first teamed up in December, when Fingerprint Cards placed its T-Shape sensor in Feitian’s contactless payment cards. Fingerprint Cards tech was also featured in the ‘Fingerprint Power Card’ that was announced earlier this year.

The new security token extends the scope of the alliance, moving beyond smart cards to utilize biometric technology in other authentication devices. The launch of the new tech is in keeping with Fingerprint Cards’ recent efforts to diversify its portfolio. The company is best known for providing fingerprint sensors for smartphones, but Fingerprint Cards has been actively searching for new applications of its technology, as detailed in its latest fiscal reports.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)