FIDO Celebrates Big Wins of 2019

“From all of this great news, the key takeaway is that the time to deploy FIDO is now.” – Andrew Shikiar, Chief Marketing Officer, FIDO Alliance

FIDO Celebrates Big Wins of 2019

The FIDO Alliance has a lot to celebrate lately, including winning SC Media’s 2019 Editor’s Choice Award at RSAC 2019 this month.

Acknowledging the win in a post on its website, the FIDO Alliance explained its significance. “Each year, hundreds of applications are reviewed and narrowed down to a select group of finalists that represent the best solutions and services to protect today’s businesses from an ever-changing landscape of security threats,” the organization wrote. The FIDO Alliance was ultimately selected for its many successes over the past year in developing and promoting strong authentication standards, with its work around the new FIDO2 standard in particular being applauded.

And that brings us to the FIDO Alliance’s other recent reasons to celebrate. In a new post on the FIDO website, FIDO Alliance Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Shikiar laid them out: The first component to get FIDO Alliance Biometric Certification, an in-display fingerprint scanner, has now hit the market in the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ smartphones; the Android 7.0+ mobile operating system has attained FIDO2 certification; and FIDO2’s WebAuthn specification, which facilitates biometric and security key authentication through web browsers, has become an official W3C standard.

“From all of this great news, the key takeaway is that the time to deploy FIDO is now,” Shikiar wrote. “And with all of these momentous events taking place in the span of just a month, we’re excited to see what the rest of 2019 brings.”