Cerence Launches New UX Services to Improve In-Car Experience

Cerence Launches New UX Services to Improve In-Car Experience

Cerence is continuing to develop its smart car portfolio with the release of Cerence UX Services. The UX Services suite will draw on Cerence’s expertise as a developer of Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) to analyze various aspects of the in-car user experience and evaluate the quality of people’s interactions with those interfaces.

Auto manufacturers can then use that information to make adjustments to their own in-car platforms. For example, Cerence UX Services can be used to validate certain touch screen and voice interactions, which will in turn make the system more responsive and ensure that it carries out the task that the driver is actually trying to accomplish.

“We know that driver adoption is driven by design, and that user experience is key when it comes to long-term usage,” said Cerence Chief Technology Officer Prateek Kathpal. “Cerence UX Services will provide valuable insight to automakers as they look to differentiate from competitors and build loyalty and deeper connections with their drivers.”

Cerence UX Services will be available to new and existing Cerence customers, who will be able to take advantage of a number of different service packages and modules. At the most basic level, Cerence will evaluate the performance of smart car systems built with Cerence technology, and compare them to systems developed by other companies. Customers can also ask Cerence’s UI experts to review and test specific features like voice and gesture interactions.

The UX Services suite is one of several new Cerence offerings to hit the market over the past few months. The company recently released a new Cognitive Arbiter that directs voice requests to the right virtual assistant, as well as a localized AI Reference Kit that was developed specifically for the Chinese market. Cerence is currently developing a new voice assistant in collaboration with LG, and has inked a $125 million contract with an unnamed European manufacturer.