Cerence Releases Localized ARK Platform for the Chinese Market

Cerence Releases Localized ARK Platform for the Chinese Market

Cerence has released a new turnkey solution developed specifically for Chinese cars. Dubbed Cerence ARK (short for AI Reference Kit), the new platform will make it easier for Chinese auto manufacturers to integrate a localized voice assistant with robust AI capabilities into their various automotive offerings.

The ARK platform utilizes Cerence’s speech and voice recognition technology, and offers natural language understanding to facilitate more natural conversation. Drivers can use a wake word to interact with the platform and issue basic commands while driving. ARK an be customized to meet the needs of different manufacturers, but it was built for easy deployment so companies that are looking for quick turnaround times will find that those requirements are minimal.

ARK comes with ARK Edge, ARK Client and ARK Cloud components, and is available at Lite, Standard and Premium pricing tiers. Though it was designed for the Chinese market, an international version will be released sometime in 2020.

“Cerence ARK is a game-changer that helps automakers drastically reduce their development cycles and speed the timeline to deployment,” said Cerence Greater China Region President Charles Kuai. “ARK’s flexible design and ability to integrate with a wide variety of platforms and operating systems make it an ideal solution for fast-moving Chinese OEMs.”

ARK should only increase Cerence’s foothold in the Chinese market. The company’s conversational AI tech has already appeared in vehicles from a slew of Chinese manufacturers, including Geely and Banma. Both of those deals were forged while Cerence was still part of Nuance Communications.