Biometric Underwear Syncs Health Data with iPhone App

A new piece of underwear is designed to sync with your iPhone and upload biometric data to an app.

Biometric Underwear Syncs Health Data with iPhone AppIt’s called SimplECG, and it just received FDA Class II 510(k) clearance, clearing the way for “commercial opportunities in remote cardiac monitoring,” according to Venk Varadan, CEO of Nanowear, the company behind the product. The undergarment is outfitted with nanosensors designed to collect ECG, respiratory, and cardiac biometric data, with the aim of facilitating remote health monitoring on a clinical basis.

The system is emerging at a time when mobile biometrics are starting to allow more sophisticated remote monitoring as hospitals seek to minimize patient loads. Nanowear certainly has high hopes with respect to marketability. As Varadan explains in a statement announcing the FDA approval, “The market of applications for healthcare alone is a multi-billion-dollar opportunity, but as we look beyond to consumer, industrial, clinical research, military and public sector applications, the addressable market expands exponentially.”

Accordingly, Nanowear says that it’s now going to turn from its heavy R&D focus to one of commercialization and partnerships.