Selfie Biometrics Specialist Jumio Gets New CEO

Selfie Biometrics Specialist Jumio Gets New CEO

Jumio has a new chief executive. Robert Prigge, who previously served as the company’s Chief Revenue Officer, has been promoted to the role of President.

In a statement announcing the change, Jumio’s Board of Directors highlighted Prigge’s “track record of success” as the company’s CRO, as well as his previous experience in high-level positions with tech companies like IBM, Secure Computing, and Infrascale.

The statement also noted that Prigge has previously “led three companies to successful M&A exits”.

As for Jumio’s previous chief executive, Stephen Stuut, he is now the Board of Directors’ co-chairman. Stuut was at the helm for four years, overseeing Jumio’s striking upwards trajectory as a growing number of banks and other businesses have embraced its selfie-based biometric onboarding and authentication technology, with Jumio claiming 70 percent year-over-year sales growth in 2018.

Commenting on the change, Stuut said he is “excited” about his next chapter with the company, and expressed confidence in Prigge as the new CEO, asserting that his “vision and focus on strategy, partnerships and execution will ensure that Jumio’s next era is even more impactful than our last.”