BenjiLocks Appear at b8ta Retail Locations

Biometrics News - BenjiLocks Appear at b8ta Retail Locations

Hampton Products’ full line of BenjiLock biometric padlocks is now available at select b8ta retail locations in the United States. Shoppers will be able to get a first-hand look at both the original BenjiLock and the TSA-approved Travel version that was released earlier this year.

Unlike a more traditional padlock, the biometric BenjiLock can be unlocked with a fingerprint recognition scan instead of a combination or a key. The original BenjiLock can store the fingerprints of as many as ten different users, and features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last for up to nine months on a single charge. It also comes with a set of backup keys that allow users to open the lock if the battery is dead.

The TSA/Travel Luggage lock, meanwhile, is a more commuter-friendly version of the same device. The travel lock can only store five fingerprints, but unauthorized users can still open the lock thanks to the resettable combination feature. Airport security is able to open (and reattach) the lock if they need to carry out an inspection.

The rollout marks the first time that all BenjiLock offerings (including all color options) will be available in one physical retail location. The b8ta stores carrying the locks are primarily located in California and the southwestern United States – customers can find them at locations in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Santa Monica, Scottsdale, and Houston – but they are also available in Chicago, New York City, and Short Hills, New Jersey.

The original BenjiLock sells for $69.99, while the Travel lock is slightly cheaper at $49.99.

The BenjiLock is not the only biometric padlock currently on the market. BIO-key’s TouchLock is distributed at major outlets like Best Buy, while the TappLock one+ is geared towards large enterprises and can hold 500 fingerprints. Plevo has also integrated fingerprint recognition into its biometric duffel bags and backpacks.