CyberLink Partners with Advantech to Improve FaceMe Platform

Biometrics News - CyberLink Partners with Advantech to Improve FaceMe Platform

CyberLink is toasting the improved performance of its FaceMe facial recognition platform in the wake of its strategic partnership with Advantech. The two companies have joined forces in an effort to develop better facial recognition solutions for IoT and AIoT devices.

To that end, CyberLink has integrated Advantech’s AIR Inference System, which has yielded a twenty-fold performance gain when FaceMe is measured against a comparable platform with a more traditional CPU. The AIR Inference System leverages an Intel Movidius VPU.

FaceMe itself was built to provide manufacturers with real-time facial recognition capabilities for smart homes, smart retail, finance, security, and other AIoT applications. The platform is compatible with Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS, and is expected to reduce the computational footprint and cost of cloud-based AIoT technology.

With that in mind, CyberLink is hoping that FaceMe will appeal to device manufacturers looking for an effective facial recognition option. For example, CyberLink’s technology has already appeared in the Ayuda retail robot from the Syscom Group.

“We welcome collaboration initiatives that integrate FaceMe’s AI facial recognition engine and bring reliable, secure and highly performing offerings to the market,” said CyberLink Founder and CEO Jau Huang.

Huang discussed CyberLink’s partnership with Advantech at the 2020 Advantech Embedded-IoT World Partner Conference. The FaceMe engine has performed well in NIST testing facial recognition testing, while CyberLink recently wrapped up its second annual “AI Meets Beauty Challenge.”